DarkDox.com is information warfare.


Thank you for visiting! DarkDox.com is a free archive of video, audio, and PDF documents related to the dark side of life. Our goal is to shed light on the darkness and bring the criminals to justice. We have no ads and no sponsors. We do not track or sell any information. We will never ask for your information on this site to view or download any of our content. We are incorruptible. We are unstoppable. THIS is information warfare.

Our archives were attacked and had to be relocated. Some hyperlinks may not be working at the moment. Please check back at a later date to try again for those files. We are also working on several projects to bring new original series, documentaries, podcasts, and much more. Email us at info@darkdox.com if you would like to become a contributor. We are looking for graphic designers, editors, and coders as well as victims of occult, ritual abuse, sex trafficking, and pedophilia.

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