Conspiracy of Silence – The Franklin Cover Up Discovery Channel Unfinished Documenty Pulled From Production

Conspiracy of Silence is the never officially released Discovery Channel documentary about The Franklin Cover Up Case (also known as “The Franklin Scandal”) involving human trafficking, pedophilia, ritualistic abuse of children, murder, government cover ups, the Bohemian Grove, Hunter S. Thompson, Lawrence King, and author of The Franklin Cover Up, Satanism & Murder in Nebraska; John Decamp, and many other prominent U.S. political figures.

Download the ZIP archive of the film, book, and more here (1.27GB ZIP folder).
This zip folder includes:

  • Conspiracy of Silence – The Franklin Cover-Up (1994) Documentary (video)
  • Gary Caradori’s Interview with Paul Bonacci (video)
  • John DeCamp Interview (video)
  • Nancy Grace Johnny Gosch TV Special (3 Parts) (video)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story (video)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up Audio File(Audiobook)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up (Kindle format)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up PDF

These interviews, film clips, and documents are disturbing and detailed. This is one of the largest and sickest cover ups that, in our opinion, is a corner stone in the globalist, Illuminati, government corruption, church corruption agenda.

2 Responses to Conspiracy of Silence – The Franklin Cover Up Discovery Channel Unfinished Documenty Pulled From Production

  • Ockerman may not be antisemitic but an examination of his works, utterances, and connections (e.g. with David Icke) reveals that he definitely belongs to the group generally known as “conspiracy theorists. They regard themselves as defenders of national sovereignty against the “New World Order supposedly being imposed by conspiratorial “globalists. The idea of a world Jewish conspiracy is one variant of this ideology, but there are several others that place less emphasis (or even none at all) on the role played by Jews. One of these other variants regards Freemasonry as the center of the conspiracy, and perhaps Ockerman is one of these (the pyramid in his picture symbolizes Freemasonry). Or the conspirators may be extraterrestrial lizards masquerading as humans. Although anti-globalist conspiracy mongers may convey a superficially left-wing appearance, as Ockerman does, they are generally considered right-wing. And this is correct because even if they talk about capitalism they have a delusional picture of how the world works. They do not understand what capitalism is – they target evildoers and their machinations rather than an evil system – and so cannot oppose it. Whether they are antisemitic is a secondary issue, because they are dangerous people even if they have nothing against Jews as such. Removing the mural was the right decision..

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