Why we do what we do.

People ask why we do what we do. Why make a website of dark and terrible things with no ads, no way to make money, no way to gather emails and other data from you, no catch?

Are we religious? No, but we support your decision and right to practice a religion as long as it is harmless. If it is harmful, we are coming for you.

Are we victims of abuse? Aren’t we all?

What do we want? Accountability. When do we want it? Yesterday. The day before that. A thousand years ago. We have the technology. There is no reason for scum to get away with rape and murder unless good people do nothing because they are weak and afraid.

That is why we do what we do. Download these films, audio, dox, and burn DVDs, load hard drives, give them to friends, family, watch with them, have movie screenings, meet ups, project on the side of buildings, upload to YouTube, Facebook, everywhere you can. This is information warfare.

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