How Can You Help Us In The Fight To End Pedophilia?

There are a lot of ways you can help depending on your skill sets and situation. Here are a few ranked from the most needed to still really important but a lot of people are already doing it.

  1. Local Community Organizer
    Most hardcore and rewarding disposition for an activist for any cause in charge of printing literature (pamphlets, flyers, DVDs) or ordering them to be printed for local rallys, marches, street corner bullhorning during the red lights passing stuff out to anyone who opens their windows for info. These are some of my fondest memories during the 9/11 truth movement, End The Fed, and countless other waves have come and gone. The call to end pedophilia worldwide is LONG OVERDUE and a lot of us have finally said “That’s it!” and are taking on the same model as every other effective grass roots movement. What makes this different is that it effects EVERYONE and once we get more “normies” who simply do not talk about such things to get shaken by the hard truths about our governments, places of worship, schools, Hollywood, pageant circuits, the media, round table groups, death cults, and all the nuts and bolts that keep this sickening machine turning. We can burn DVDs and send hard drives of downloads or you can simply grab things from, just right click and save as. You can use meet ups like to create an event which will bring out like minded people. Also get on and ask for a password to join is good too. We are slowly getting off all pedophile social media platforms like facebook, instagram, and twitter, but keep our accounts pretty low key so we can continue to join incest and pedo groups and get intel to report to authorities which bring me to #2!
  2. Infowarrior
    This role is being a keyboard warrior. Creating anon accounts, searching social media for filth (it’s not hard) and screen shotting, keep notepad open to copy URLs and report them here, to the missing and exploited children’s tip website, FBI, and the White House. I am working on a report panel page so it can all be done from one place. Also sharing everything that puts out on all social media to get the word out.
  3. Video Editor
    There are a few projects in the works that I simply do not have time for and need people who can take raw footage or clips from other things and put them together for new material. Here are some projects that need a team:
    – Exposing [pedoswim]
    – The Grey Stage
    – Untitled child rape case in Jacksonville, Florida
    – Untitled human traffic tunnels in Utah
    and there are a few more coming in hot. All will be short, 20 minute packages to start and will be considered the pilot episodes. As more info comes in, we can make the next episodes. This makes it easy for the team to whip up something quick that is substantial and stands on it’s own but leaves you wanting to know more which can be put out shortly after with the same intros and outros in place saving time.
  4. Screen Printer, Sticker Maker, Graphic Designer, & Button Makers!
    If you know how to make cool things that say, Sacred Owls,, &… GO FOR IT! Just send ideas to so we can give the thumbs up from the team (which is not hard to do, unless it seems racist, sexist, or horrible in some way that is counter productive to the message).
  5. Vetted Web Designer
    Once we get to trust you after a while, if you know your way around WordPress, Photoshop, and basic HTML, you can get creds and help with the site. For obvious reasons I am VERY PICKY on who can touch this thing. I have known people for 20 years that I would never give a login to haha. So the first 2 are really needed and over time can get you into management.

If any of these services appeal to you or you have another idea, email to get started!

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