I arrived in Atlanta last night. We begin protesting tomorrow.

The rest of our coalition arrives for a massive protest on Saturday.

Cases of fraud continue to appear around the country.

Last night, Republican officials in Michigan caved on certifying flawed election results after Democrat operatives harassed them and doxxed their children. This wasn’t a failure of these two officials, this was a failure of the Republican Party to accept the reality that everyone is under physical threat and they need to pay for security.

Text your friends, email them, call them, let them know that we need to head to Atlanta to protest this election fraud.

Georgia is critical now as results are slated to be certified soon.

Protests begin tomorrow but this Saturday’s protest is most important.

Make plans to go to Atlanta by this Saturday.

If you can’t travel to Atlanta this week, go to your state’s capitol on Saturday.

This is when we get into the boats – we are winter soldiers and we need your help.

– Ali Alexander
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