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Sacred Owls Live Together at Lou’s 2020 DVD Out Now!

During the first lockdown here in Florida the world famous Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall had the balls to let us perform live when all other bars were closed. The police came because some mask wearing Nazi called the cops on us and could do nothing because no laws were being broken. No alcohol was served, we just played our songs and streamed it live on the internet. People came out and had to stand outside to watch the show because the police said that if we let them in we would all be arrested. This is the draconian police state we are living in.

To commemorate this historic day, we put it on DVD and added Mouthy Buddha’s Pedogate videos about Pizzagate, and Tom Hanks SRC USA, Issac Kappy, Seth Green, BH Kids, as well as the banned youtube videos of Dr. Erickson’s Covid-19 briefing and Plandemic part one.

If the pedophile supporting, truth hating social media platforms are going to ban and block this material, we will continue to share it however we can! Buy this infobomb in bulk and save so you can pass them out at protests, street corners… anywhere! Leave them in the dollar bin at the gas station, on a bus bench, this information needs to get out!

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Twitter Protects Pedophiles and Blocks Us For Reporting It

(DarkDox)We need to double down on our efforts to report this kind of activit. In addition to the social media to monitor their response like above, but also directly to the White House, & The Missing & Exploited Children Cyber Tip Website.

Where do donations go for

Got some good questions from a woman the other day, so here are the answers.

Where does the donations go if given?

To DarkDox to produce films working with victims of underage sexual abuse to tell their stories uncensored as they want them to be told for direct download via to be distributed worldwide. We also print DVDs, flyers, stickers, posters, and more for nationwide protests and marches that are starting this weekend. We want to be a resource of information, support, community, education, and awareness while the mainstream media, Hollywood, and government officials are complicit and banning, blocking, character assassinating, gangstalking, threatening, and murdering us.

How is the money used to help children directly?

More than half of DarkDox worldwide are SRA survivors who are now parents. We work with local, state, and federal agencies to arrest those trafficking in children, and child pornography while exposing the grooming going on that has infiltrated the LGBTQIAPPK movement, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the U.S. Government.

How can we as parents become involved in this movement?

Wrote this today.

Are all crimes considered in this movement?

Our scope is going after those who solicit sex with minors, traffic in children and/or child pornography, and vilifying the norming of MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons), pedophiles, hebephiles, and all the new words they are planning on coming up with.

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