Twitter Protects Pedophiles and Blocks Us For Reporting It

(DarkDox)We need to double down on our efforts to report this kind of activit. In addition to the social media to monitor their response like above, but also directly to the White House, & The Missing & Exploited Children Cyber Tip Website.

Instagram Peaches Brags About Raping Daughter

(Emmy Frost) Peaches needs to be locked up. Search LovelyPeachesMusic100 and Peache Content on Instagram. She has multiple accounts. She talks about using dildos on her toddler daughter and 3somes with her daughter. Supposedly she doesn’t have custody but has supervised visits. I reported her sex videos on here and sick photos. Of course they say it’s not against their standards. Smh. I saw her make out with a dog and choke it. They say she killed the puppy off camera. And she allegedly got paid to eat feces out of a toilet on video. She is disgusting and sick.

Instagram like their parent company do NOTHING to stop this and when we report this kind of content they tell us it is not against community guidelines, then block us.

If you have tips, please email screen shots and links to